SA approves bill for commissionerate system amid MQM protest


The Sindh Assembly has passed a bill for resumption of commissionerate system in Sindh amid stern protest of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
Sindh Assembly has also given approval of two more bills including Bill of Police Act-1861, and Bill of Revenue Act-2011 while a bill for restoration of Local Government Act-1979 was also tabled in the assembly.
Members of ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and their allies expressed their pleasure by beating desks loudly over approval of all bills, while members of the MQM continued their stern protest for not getting permission for sitting on the opposition benches.
Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza chaired today’s session of Sindh Assembly as Speaker Nisar Khoro is currently performing duty as care taker governor of Sindh after Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad’s departure.
After approval of three bills and boycott of the MQM members, Sindh Assembly’s session was adjourned till July 22.