D&SJs release 103 prisoners during Camp Jail visit


Lahore District and Sessions Judge Mujahid Mustaqeem Ahmed, along with five other judges, on Tuesday visited the Camp Jail issued on spot orders to release 103 prisoners involved in petty crimes.
The judge, after hearing the prisoners’ grievances and complaints, ordered the jail superintendent to address their genuine problems and on an application of citizen Murad Ali, directed the superintendent to contact philanthropists for release of Murad, who is unable to pay the blood money (diyat) since one and a half year. The superintendent briefed the judges about the facilitation and arrangements being made for prisoners at the jail, after which Mustaqeem directed him to resolve the problems being faced by prisoners on a priority basis. Murad told the judge that he was languishing in jail for the last one and a half year, after completion of his imprisonment owing to unavailability of blood money (diyat).