BNU launches exhibition ‘Educating Architects: in search of directions’


The Beaconhouse National University (BNU) launched an exhibition titled, Educating Architects: in search of directions on Tuesday night at the Nairang Gallery.
The exhibition curated by former federal finance minister Dr Mubashir Hassan, aims at showcasing recent works by students from first year to the final thesis of the BNU School of Architecture. Mubashir, talking to Pakistan Today said, “I am very happy to see marvelous pieces of art of young students. How to think is the key point of this exhibition, I appreciate BNU School of Architecture Dean Dr Gulzar’s efforts who is working on students’ mind and trained students how to think.” Renowned architect Nayyar Ali Dada said that this exhibition is not according to our state environment or circumstances but has international level of standards. The main concept of this exhibition is how to deal with space and light. Dr Gulzar said, “An excellent architect works according to space and light, which is also his material. The main thing is that how he gives shape to particular space.” He said that we talk about quality of space and philosophical thoughts and in this way we have to change students’ mindsets. He said that initially, we placed pieces of students from different classes. BNU External Affairs Officer Zaeem Yaqoob told Pakistan Today that BNU aims to capture enthusiasm in pursuit of mission-oriented education that could improve the quality of life in an affordable and sustainable manner without compromising ideals of professional education. He added that the emergent respectability of architectural education in Pakistan heralds the possibilities of new architecture-related developments beyond normative practices. Student Awais Sharif said that his work is also on display and people exposure towards the exhibition was unexpected. People from various walks of life appreciated our work, Sharif said. The event is open for the general public and will continue until July 18.