PML-Likeminded questions PML-N, MQM alliance


PML–Likeminded on Sunday posed ten questions to PML (N) chief Nawaz Sharif on his party’s alliance with MQM. Provincial Secretary Information Mian Asif asked Nawaz if his frequent statements against the MQM in the last three years had suddenly become incorrect. “Was it not decided in the parties’ conference in London that no one will join the MQM,” PML-Likeminded asked. “Had Nawaz found a justification for the 50 people murdered on May 12 in Karachi? Will target killing stop in Karachi? Won’t the PML-N ask the nation for forgiveness on embracing the country’s enemies? Does PML-N have any principle? Will PML-N set-up a committee for judicial inquiry of the May 12 incident? Is shaking hands with those who have destroyed peace in Karachi equivalent to showing hatred for the country?” Asif said on behalf of PML-Likeminded.