Gentleman’s game will always miss Khalid Aziz


Cricket, the game of gentlemen, last week lost one of its icons in Khalid Aziz, who in his illustrious career that spanned around 45-50 years as a cricketer, umpire and an administrator, kept the game and its laws supreme.
The former international and World Cup umpire started his cricketing career from the school and throughout his life captained all the teams from schools, colleges and universities of East and West Pakistan. Later as skipper of the country’s most reputed institution, Govt College Lahore, Khalid Aziz won the roll of honour. He then went on to lead the Punjab University and Pakistan Universities teams.
He was one of the few cricketers in his times to have scored double century (208 runs) in the finals of the University Championship. After his university stint, Khalid Aziz started his first class career that lasted for over 18 years representing Punjab Cricket Association, Pakistan Universities, Lahore Division Cricket Association and Lahore City Cricket Association and later he worked as selector of these bodies.
He represented Pakistan Universities against MCC in 1956 and the same year he represented Pakistan cricket team as a 12th man against MCC. Later the following year, Khalid Aziz toured England with the Pakistan Eaglets cricket team and scored 950 runs, only second to great Hanif Muhammad.
His attachment to the laws of the game started when he took up umpiring as a career in 1974 and remained in profession till 1996. After a span of four years in 1978, he achieved the status of a Test umpire and the same year stood in the 1987 World Cup jointly organized by Pakistan and India. Khalid Aziz suggested 12 changes to MCC, the mecca of cricket in England for the revision of cricket laws in 1980 and out of those 12, MCC accepted six revisions and are applicable till date.
Apart from umpiring, Khalid Aziz has served as Umpiring Instructor for ICC Development Programme for Asia. He was member PCB technical committee, match referee for domestic cricket, member National Umpires Council and Law Committee and expert cricket commentator on PTV. Khalid Aziz also started women cricket in the country with his cousin Ms Tahira Hameed.
And before his journey to the life hereafter, Khalid Aziz wrote a book on cricket laws “How’s that” and another book questioning the laws of cricket was under publication.
The most regretful thing was that his death passed unnoticed and though the cricket bosses in the country sent their condolences but the parent body ICC and the MCC were silent. Khalid Aziz is recognised always for his knowledge and acumen for the game in his cricketing days and afterwards his command on cricket laws and its translation is being recognized all over the world. His main qualification in life was “he never compromised on principles” no matter what and that made him distinguished and a cut above the rest. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. I had the honor of conducting first class and one day matches with Mr. Khalid Aziz , he was a great umpire and man of principles, for which he suffered throughout his life but he never made any comprimises. May Allah rest his soul in peace Ameen
    Dr. Waseem Aziz Washington D.C USA

  2. Khalid Aziz Sahib, was a very noble, decent and pleasant person. He is known to my family. Yes, he was a very close friend of my father and they will visit each other quite frequently. Khalid Uncle was a family friend and this gives me the liberty to call him uncle as I always did, whenever I met him. He was respected all over the world as a person, cricket umpireand as a sportsman. Man of his own, his personality was based on his tightly rapped principles. His sports credentials are more or less similar. Khalid uncle had the distinction to lead the Government College team, Punjab University team and Pakistan Universities team and due to brilliance at Cricket was a University Blue and was awarded Roll of Honor. I diid not lead these teams but represented them and played for them. I was also a University Blue and was awarded Roll of Honor. He was an asset to the world cricket bodies and Pakistan Cricket Board, May Allah rest his soul in peace, Ameen. My condolences to his family.

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