Think before you speak, Pakistan tells US


Pakistan on Friday warned its cooperation in the US-led war on al Qaeda was at risk after heavily criticising the top US military officer for suggesting it could have approved a journalist’s murder.
Journalist Saleem Shahzad’s body was found just outside Islamabad on May 31, bearing marks of torture. On Monday, the New York Times quoted US officials as saying that the ISI ordered the killing to muzzle criticism after Shahzad wrote about links between rogue elements of the military and al Qaeda. Admiral Mike Mullen waded into the fray on Thursday by saying, “I haven’t seen anything that would disabuse that report” when asked about media reports that the government had approved Shahzad’s killing. Nevertheless, when asked if Pakistan’s intelligence service had been involved, Mullen said he could not confirm the allegation. Regardless, the remarks aggravated relations already strained by a covert US raid in May that killed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and the killing of two men by CIA contractor Raymond Davis in Lahore in January. “If someone has given such a statement then it is extremely irresponsible,” Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan told a news conference.
“The statement by Admiral Mike Mullen regarding Pakistan will create problems and difficulties in the bilateral ties,” she said. “It will also impact our joint efforts in war against terrorism,” Firdous added, refusing to elaborate but saying the Foreign Office would issue another statement.
Complicated relationship:
Meanwhile, the White House said Washington’s relationship with Pakistan was complicated but at the same time very important in the fight against terrorism, Online reported.


  1. Whether or not USA is a friend of Pakistan or not, it's a different debate, it definitely is a friend of generals in Pakistan Army. Friends who committed a deliberate accident of not turning on the radars at the night of May 2nd!

  2. Mullen knew what he was doing. As a whole US holds relation with Pakistan at a much lesser value (may be) now-a-days. US didn't blink on Pakistan's China card either. Should Pakistan be alarmed?

  3. Using is so-called allies like toilet paper and treat them like salves has been an idiosyncrasy of US. One should not be surprised on such humiliating statements by US officials.

  4. And Pakistani leaders especially PPP-Z should think before they totally submit TO the orders of USA,UK,NATO.Such statements only offer a comic relief. we have become hypocrites,liars,thugs and anti nation. Wealth and power ,we worship:wealthy and powerful we prostrate: that is the moto,manisfesto of our(90%) political leaders ,media barons,media staff,intellectuals,opinion leaders while honest ,dedicated,true Pakistan are detested for their poverty,truth and honesty yet we claim to be saints.

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