PPP to divide Karachi, restore Hyderabad district


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has decided to divide Karachi and restore Hyderabad’s previous state as a district, a private television channel reported on Saturday.
PPP said that before implementation of the decision, coalition partners would be taken into confidence while the TV channel quoting sources said that Karachi would be divided into five or more districts.
The channel also reported that the division of Karachi and restoration of Hyderabad district would be done through an ordinance.


  1. Mysharraf who was staunch supporter of MQM with one stroke of pen handed over Karachi and Hyderabad to MQM on the pretext of ushering democracy to the grass root level. Musharraf very cleverly changed the demographic of these two cities to give more seats to MQM. CDGK was considered as personal property by Mustafa Kamal. Flyovers were definitely built but no audit has been allowed as to how much money was spent. There are serious allegation of misappropriation of funds by the CDGK. The infrastructure is non existent. The drainage and sewerage system is poor. The gutters are overflowing. Mustafa Kamal neglected poor areas like Lyari.

    I support government for its long cherished desire of majority people of Sindh to restore old system.

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