PML-N, MQM isolate JUI-F in parliament


The JUI-F stood isolated in parliament amongst the divided opposition as the new entrant to opposition benches, the MQM sided with the PML-N when all opposition members in the Senate, led by the PML-N on Friday appended their signatures on the requisition submitted in the Senate Secretariat to convene a session to discuss the recent Karachi violence, law and order, non-implementation of the orders of the superior courts by the executive and massive rigging in the recently-held Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections.
In another exhibition of “strengthening friendship” between the MQM and the PML-N, members of both opposition parties also jointly submitted a requisition in the National Assembly’s Secretariat to convene the session of the Lower House of parliament to discuss the same issues.
The JUI-F did not endorse the requisitions submitted in both houses under Article 54 of the constitution, strengthening its image of being a friendly opposition. Sheikh Aftab, Malik Abrar and Tariq Fazal
Chaudhry of the PML-N and SA Iqbal Qadri, Sheikh Salahuddin, Sufyan Yousaf and Abdul Qadir Khanzada of the MQM, submitted the requisition in the NA Secretariat bearing signatures of 96 MNAs, MQM MNA Sheikh Salahuddin told Pakistan Today.
PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar and MQM Senator Col (r) Tahir Hussain Mushhadi submitted requisition in the Senate Secretariat, which was signed by 30 senators from all opposition parties except the JUI-F.
The JUI-F is now facing isolation in parliament, particularly in the Senate. The PML-N and its allies had strongly opposed JUI-F Senator Abdul Gaffoor Haideri’s appointment as leader of the opposition which caused a rift in the parties.
The National Assembly speaker and the Senate chairman are bound to summon the sessions of their respective houses within 14 days of receiving the requisition notice.
Targeted killings: Meanwhile, the PML-N submitted an adjournment motion in the NA on Friday over targeted killing and increasing violence in the city. The PML-N said targeted killings had claimed 35 lives in Karachi until July 7.