Imran Khan demands contempt case moved against prime minister


The killing rampage in Karachi is indicative of complete collapse of the law enforcement apparatus due to politicisation of the police and other civil services by the PPP government.
PTI Chairman Imran Khan said this in a statement released to the press here on Thursday, he expressed grief and sorrow over the killing of innocent citizens in Karachi. The statement added the governance had all but collapsed. Political interference by the government had paralysed the police and other civil services.
It further said the prime minister continued to interfere in the NICL investigation to protect his near and dear ones as well as political cronies who were now the allies of the government.
It stated the political appointments and transfers had destroyed whatever little capacity the police had to effectively tackle criminal elements. While the PM and his government was more focused to protect their corruption and interfere and impede in the judicial process.
It further stated the time had come for the Supreme Court to hold the prime minister in contempt as his government had consistently obstructed the judicial process and created hurdlers in implementation of the directives of the Supreme Court.