PML-N, MQM bury the hatchet


Ice has seemingly begun to melt between the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) as they formally established first political contact in a bid to prepare ground for a broad-based grand opposition alliance against the government and work together in parliament after the latter quit the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led coalition. In pursuit of his party chief Nawaz Sharif’s initiative to build bridges between the two political parties, which had recently stooped to the lowest moral ground with much mudslinging against each other’s leaders, Senator Ishaq Dar led a PML-N team comprising Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan and National Assembly Member Khawaja Saad Rafique for a meeting with an MQM delegation comprising Haider Abbas Rizvi, Raza Haroon and Waseem Akhtar.
MQM AGAINST STREET ALLIANCE: They met at a neutral venue (Islamabad Cub) to dispel the impression that any side had political compulsions to get the other onboard in the changed political scenario.
A source in the MQM told Pakistan Today that the party, despite agreeing to improve its working relationship with the PML-N, differed with PML-N’s idea of forming a “street alliance of opposition parties” to send the PPP government packing, but expressed willingness to initially move forward inside parliament on an issue-to-issue basis.
MEETING OF ALTAF AND NAWAZ: “Both sides also agreed that a meeting between PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and MQM chief Altaf Hussain would be arranged in London so that they can develop an understanding based on mutual respect,” said the source. Dar and Rizvi announced after the meeting that both parties had decided in principle to work together in parliament for the welfare of the people.
Dar told reporters that both parties had started a new journey, forgetting the bitterness of the past. “If the government mends its ways and contains corruption, it will buy more time. If the JUI-F (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl) joins the joint opposition, we will welcome it,” he added.
Reading a joint statement, Rizvi said the two delegations discussed the overall political situation of the country as well as issues such as corruption under the government’s patronage and rigging and the use of force in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections.
VIBRANT OPPOSTION: “Both parties have decided in principle to play the role of a vibrant opposition in elected houses remaining in the ambit of the law and constitution,” he said. Both parties would struggle together to resolve the people’s problems in the Senate, National Assembly and the provincial assemblies, he added. Dar, however, played down the possibility of a street alliance and said everything would be done within the ambit of the constitution and democratic norms. But he said both parties had decided to work actively as opposition parties.
The PML-N’s political relationship with the MQM has never been easy. They had first joined ranks after the general elections in 1990, but this coalition could not last long and the MQM parted ways with the PML-N-led coalition government in 1992 after the federal government’s decision to launch an operation in urban areas of Sindh, including Karachi.
Considering the MQM’s politics blackmail and exploitation and decrying its support fpr former president Musharraf, the PML-N held the MQM responsible for the May 12 Karachi carnage and dubbed it a “fascist party” at the All Parties Conference held in London in 2007, announcing that it would not enter into any political alliance with the MQM in future. In the recent past, they also indulged in a dirty war of words when their stalwarts levelled charges of immorality against each other’s top leadership. However, Dar sought to paint over the formerly ugly relationship between the two parties, saying that three wars had taken place between Pakistan and India but the dialogue process had continued between the two countries nonetheless. “We have to bury the past and move forward,” said Dar.


  1. It is incredible that PML-N which was trumpeting principled politics in the country and was passionately opposed to MQM's terrorist activities has now entered in an alliance with a party who has thrived on violence, blackmailing and extortion. Karachi is in grip of violence and the reports indicate that MQM terrorist are targeting their opponents. Mr Nawaz Sharif may have thought that by bringing MQM to their side will put pressure on Zardari but he is conveniently forgetting that MQM is responsible for 12th May carnage, burning alive advocates and target killings. Just wait for some time both parties will at each other's throats.

  2. @Observer from UK—–It was kosher for PPP to forge an alliance with MQM, but when the same is done by PML(N) who claim to have done this broad alliance to wage a war against corruption, inflation, poor governance, than it becomes an evil act. Either the alliance by PPP with MQM was also bad, or if not, than this argument that it is bad if PML(N) does so is baseless, unless if an individual is a beneficiary of this corrupt system. As far as Karachi killings are concerned it reflects failure of the provincial government and the federal ministry of interior for not catching a single culprit and doing politics on the corpse of dead citizens. Zardari Saheb has failed and done more damage to our economy in 4 years, than was done in the past 50 years. His government is a product of the black NRO deal negotiated with Musharraf and therefore he like Nawaz Shariff are both creation of military juntas. NS was no doubt created by Gen Gillani, but so was Zardari created by Musharraf and the ISI. .

  3. @Observer from UK—reference to the above—-Obviously if the military rules Pakistan directly for 35 years and thereafter indirectly, it is bound to have a negative impact on our politics. However if an individual, be he Zardari or Nawaz regrets his mistakes and seeks repentence for his sins, the benefit of doubt has to be given

  4. MQM is not a most unreliable.They may go back to PPP-Z if offered more lucrative terms.However,if the objective is to remove corrupt government of PPPA,ANP,MLQ it must not retrack and not use MLN to woo new customers.

  5. @Hanir
    As far as alliance of PPP and MQM was concerned, it was despised by the majority of people but Asif Zardari pursued disasterous policy of reconciliation and forgot the misdeeds of this fascist organisation. The PPP did not need their support and could have easily formed the government in Sindh. As far as the formation of Federal government was concerned, Asif Zardari should have continued policy of friendship with Mr Nawaz Sharif. This is a serious mistake on the part of Asif Zardari.

    The MQM has remained in power by hook and crook. They have achieved so much in the present government and now are eyeing on the future hoping that PML-N come to power in next elections. This, however, does not mean the Mr Nawaz Sharif should provide these thugs his support and much needed respectabiity and now pursue a policy which can best be described as an enemy of my enemy is my friend'. This is going to backfire on PML-N and the time will come when fascists will pull the rug under Mian Sahib's feet.

    So, the answer to your question is MQM was Haram not kosher when it was with the PPP.

  6. Karachi TV channels and of other cities project MQM as righteous,sagacious and corruption free and 'messiah'.TV channels as ARY,Dunya TV,EXpress TV,AAJ,Newsone,Samaa,CNBC etc are MQM mouthpieces,spokepersons and HMV.S.TheiR TV anchors,newscasters,pro MQM analysts are either MQM members,paid,or terrorists to prostrate for their fascist methods.Unless 90 percent chghanmnels and 200 cable network is not closed;nothing good will happen.They are all destroying Pakistan and its poor.aS oNE GENTLEMAN OFTEN ADVOCATES ,we can get some 35999 MGWT electricity to solve load shedding problems and energy crisis.Karach TV channels and MQM foot soldiers have one policy;to keep attention focused on MQM propaganda items,damage control etc ';LET COUNTRY GO TO DOGS AND POOR..their LEADSHIP MUST SHINE.THEY MUST ALL RESIGN TO CLEANSE MQm face from bloodstained target killings and bathakhori.

    • I agree with you that the role of the media is far from satisfactory and they literally play the role of mouthpiece of MQM goebbels of MQM. Instead of exposing the culprits these media refrain from calling spade a spade in the name of 'impartiality' because these media anchors do know that the culprits belong to this ethnic and fascist organisation. Shame also on these politicians on both sides of the divide to close their eyes from the realities and provide protection to these thugs in the name of democracy.

      Where is President Zardari? Probably still in London. Karachi is burning and he is busy to persuade Altaf Hussain to woo him back to his fold ignoring everything about this treacherous organisation.

      Where is the CJP who was the main factor which triggered 12th May carnage. He is taking suo motu action on any other isssue but has totally forgotten the crime of MQM.

  7. whats the point of this alliance when we all know that there can only be one lion ?

  8. Being a member of neither one of them, I feel that both of them together can destroy the country a bit more than what they are capable of on their own.

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