Nine-year-old hospitalised after torture in madressa


A nine-year-old student of a local madressa was hospitalised in an unconscious state after being severely tortured by his in-charge teacher in the Bhansinghabad area, as he had forgotten some verses of the Holy Quran.
The Satellite Town police said a case has been registered against madressa teacher Qari Qasim on the complaint of Akthar Zaman, stating that the seminary teacher had severely beaten his minor son Haris with sticks.
Police said they had been carrying out raids for arresting the alleged accused but the cleric had escaped.
The child was admitted to the Civil Hospital Mirpurkhas with visible bruises on his back and hands. The father of Haris told Pakistan Today that he was busy in work at a local hotel when some colleagues of his son in madressa informed him that Haris had fallen unconscious at the seminary. “I rushed to the madressa and saw Haris in an unconscious state and brought him to the hospital for treatment. My son was severely tortured by the maulana on a minor issue of forgetting some verses.”
Zaman claimed that there have been many complaints against the said teacher on torturing students without any reason and appealed that the high-ups take serous action against the cruel cleric.


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