Canada ends combat mission in Afghanistan | Pakistan Today

Canada ends combat mission in Afghanistan

Canada ended its nine-year combat mission in Afghanistan on Thursday, closing the curtain after the deaths of 157 troops and signalling the start of further American and NATO withdrawals later this year. The departure of nearly 3,000 soldiers, who took on some of the heaviest fighting in the southern province of Kandahar, comes as Western forces begin to announce gradual drawdowns of troops ahead of a full withdrawal in 2014.
After spending more than $11 billion on the war and with popular support waning at home, most of the Canadian soldiers, based mainly in the dangerous battleground of Kandahar, have packed up and gone home. A change of command ceremony was held at Kandahar airfield to mark the formal end of combat operations, although hundreds of other troops are being sent to work in a training role in the Afghan capital.

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