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One fifth of population in Jammu and Kashmir poor: Survey

About one fifth population of Jammu and Kashmir fall Below Poverty Line (BPL) category suggesting that out of every five persons, one is unable to mange even the bare-minimum needs – And about 98 percent of this lot live in the rural areas.
As per the Economic Survey, nearly 24.21 lakh persons are poor in the state (21.63 per cent) of which 22 lakh live in the rural areas and only 2.21 lakh dwell in urban areas of the state.
Though the poverty graph has shown constant decrease which was 30.34 % (Rural) 9.18 % (Urban) and 25.17 % Combined (R+U) in year the 1993-94 to 26.14 % (Rural), 7.96 % (Urban) and 21.63 % Combined (R+U) during 2007-08. “The poverty ratio during these years has decreased by 14.06 per cent (3.54 percentage points) from the base year 1993-94”, the survey says .
But the absolute poverty has shown an increase from 19.05 lakh (R), 1.86 lakh (U) and 20.92 lakh (C) during 1993-94 to 22 lakh, 2.21 lakh and 24.21 lakh respectively till the year 2007-08.
On the state level, the data tabled by the government, says that in rural areas, the Kashmir division with 26.58 per cent, has more BPL population percentage as compared to Jammu division with 25.61 percent. While Jammu division at 8.19 per cent has more urban poverty percentage as compared to that of Kashmir division with 7.81 percent.
In Jammu division, the total estimated BPL population is 10.59 lakh with a dispersion of 9.69 lakh persons in rural areas and 90 thousands in urban areas. “Degree of poverty becomes more visible and pronounced more the people live from urban business centres and district headquarters”, says the data.
BPL is defined as minimum expenditure needed at per capita consumption level, which meets the average per capital daily calorie requirement of 2,400 K calorie in rural areas and 2,100 K Calories in urban areas along with a minimum of non-food expenditure.
The analysis has further revealed that out of newly created eight districts, three districts Reasi, Ramban and Kishtwar registers more incidence of poverty than other areas.
On the basis of absolute BPL population, the seven poorest districts in the state are Baramullah, Kupwara, Budgam, Jammu, Poonch, Rajouri and Pulwama where population ranging from 2.37 to 1.27 lakh is BPL. On the basis of Absolute BPL Household, the seven poorest districts in the state are Kupwara, Jammu, Baramulla, Budgam, Poonch, Rajouri and Pulwama. The absolute BPL households of these districts range in between 41 thousands to 22 thousand

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