Misbah bats for players’ union


Pakistan’s Test and one-day captain Misbah-ul-Haq has advocated the formation of a players union as he believes it can help reduce the controversies that plague the country’s cricket team.
“A players association with the right people in place can do a lot in Pakistan cricket. It can improve communication between players, management and the board. It can educate and guide players on contentious issues. It can lead to a reduction in the controversies and scandals that hit Pakistan cricket,” Misbah said.
He has also advised his teammates to understand and comprehend the clauses of PCB’s central contract before signing the document.
Speaking on the recent controversies to hit the Pakistan team, Misbah said there was need for better communication between players, management and the PCB. “I would advise all players to consult their elders or even lawyers if they don’t understand the clauses of the contracts. Once you sign it then it is no use complaining afterwards about it,” he said.
Asked if he felt the existing central contracts were draconian in nature as described recently by the lawyers for former captain Shahid Afridi, Misbah refused to comment. “I think these are issues that can be sorted out with better communication. What I think about the contract, I should be talking about it directly to the board not in the media,” Misbah said.
Misbah admitted the controversies of the past few months have been a mental torture for him and other players. “It has been a torture at times because these things do affect our image and people talk about it. There are people who pass remarks on the roads and it affects you,” he said.
“I must give credit to the players for adjusting to these pressures and still trying to perform on the field. In that way the performances we have given in recent months are very good.”
Misbah said it was important to improve communication within the team when asked about the recent disagreements between Shahid Afridi and Waqar Younis. “I think it is important for a captain, coach or manager and players to know their job descriptions and responsibilities. They must know where they stand. They must also be communicating with each other all the time on any issue,” he said.
“Even the national selectors must communicate well with the management. Both should know why a certain player is being dropped or why a certain player is being selected in the team,” he added.