Minister involved in NICL scam


The government has once again shown its true colors while placing obstacle after obstacle in front of the Zafar Qureshi and his team, to protect their corrupt colleagues involved in the NICL scam. In no other country would people, like our Minister for Commerce, still be in power while being investigated for pocketing huge sums of illegal wealth through the NICL scam. The same minister incidentally is the the person who brought Ayaz Niazi to Pakistan and made him the head of NICL. Niazi was the front-man in numerous corrupt activities, the most prominent of which was the NICL scam.

The said minister also brought Tariq Puri, a person with a shady reputation to head the TDAP, and also assume charge of NICL just four days later in a pre-conceived deal, to cover when Niazi was arrested. Zafar Qureshi made it quite clear to the honourable Supreme Court that Puri had been doctoring documents and delaying the investigation into the scandal, and Puri was in turn reprimanded by the court for his actions. The Supreme Court must not let these corrupt people get away with their deeds, and should drag all of them to court. I hope the media continues to follow this case and ensure honourable people, like Zafar Qureshi and the Supreme Court justices, have the nation’s full support.





  1. This is a typical example of why Pakistan should never be ruled by politicians. They all are crooks, they hire crooked bureacrats, they place their own crooks in all important positions, and then they all steal together and continue ripping of the country and the people. Amin Fahim is another Zardari – may he rot in Adiala jail.

  2. @ Fariq Karim-It is not just politicians who have indulged in corruption, but also many generals and civil bureaucrats who have plundered this country and contributed to the mess that we are in. Have we forgotten the role of men like Musharraf, Akhtar Abdur Rehman, Zia ul Haq, Zahid Ali Akbar, Capt Naseer, Salman Farooqi, Ahmed Sadiq, Zarrar, Salman Sadiq, Javed Ashraf Qazi, Allah Nawaz Tarin etc

    • Not forgotten anyone's role. Military generals have also contributed massively to our state as well as the ISI killers. But the politicians take the cake when it comes to determining who are the lowest scumbags on the face of the earth. There is almost no money left in Pakistan, people and children are dying in hunger, they are being radicalized by the jihadists, suicide bombings everywhere – no security or freedom for the common man, yet politicians like Amin Fahim, Yousuf Gillani and their wives and sons continue to steal from the nation. That is the most despicable thing.

  3. Well the SC has just ordered Zafar Qureshi back and stopped the transfer of FIA officials so Amin Fahim has nowhere to run now. By the way, isent Gillanis son the other 'prominent' person involved in this scam.

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