‘Education system needs a revamp’


To create civic awareness among students, the education system needs to be revamped according to the dynamic needs of the country and uniform teaching standards implemented in public and private institutions along with introduction of certain courses at nursery/kindergarten levels.
This was observed during a meeting of the Students’ Educationists Syndicate (SES) – a body of position holders of all faculties of Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) –held at the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) office to discuss important aspects of improving education standards.
Strategies for improving students and teachers attendance at the schools and colleges and encouragement of young students to participate for bringing reforms in education system were also discussed at the meeting, where 11 position holders also shared their views. The students discussed the devolution of departments in the concurrent list and the shifting of education sector to provinces, its benefits and disadvantages.
All position holders and board officials stressed upon a uniform teaching system in all the public and private educational institutions of the country and that a standard teaching system evolved with consensus of all stakeholders for the uniform teaching system.
They also discussed ways and techniques for improving attendance in schools and colleges.
The students were of the view that improvement in educational institutes’ infrastructure and introduction of activities will be able to attract students’ interest and suggested increase in monthly salaries of teachers and other fringe benefits to attract qualified youngsters towards this noble profession.
The SES also discussed problems being faced by teachers in absence of basic facilities and agreed that if a teacher is provided with all the required facilities, he can then deliver in the classroom. The syndicate also stressed for introduction of traffic rules and other civic issues at the grass-root level.
Addressing the concluding session of the SES meeting, BIEK Chairman Anwar Ahmed Zai said that the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) has principally agreed to increase passing marks from 33 to 45 as per a suggestion made by a dynamic student of SES during its last session. Discussing the background of the suggestion, he said the students passing their exams with 33 marks face difficulties in the future but are able to improve on their grades in future education. A committee with representation from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan was formed to weigh this suggestion and if possible evolve a strategy for its implementation.
Paying tribute to the SES, the BIEK Chairman said that other educational boards have also decided to form SES-like system to not only encourage position holders but also get their suggestions for modifying the education system.