Rights of the third kind


Their day starts when others have completed half of their daily business. Some call them names, other takes pity on them.

Eunuchs had been facing the wrath of society for years. Most of eunuch have given up their family and become the part of eunuch community in which a guru is the focal relation.

They don’t go to schools because we don’t accept them. There should be a campaign to make people aware that they also have the right to be educated.

As per the Supreme Court instruction of July 13, 2009, the government has initiated steps to provide relief to the eunuchs. Normally eunuchs migrate from their native cities to the place where they are not recognisable.

Bobby Almas, Chairperson She-male Association Pakistan says it is very difficult to draw them to government jobs which offer far less than what they are currently earning. Bobby and other members of eunuch association suggest the government should increase the financial assistance.