Riaz asks Nawaz to avoid making grand Opp alliance


Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmed on Monday declared the plan of a grand opposition alliance an anti-democracy move by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and urged him to leave the idea that was harmful for democracy in the country. Talking to his party members at his chamber in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat, Riaz said Nawaz had just floated the idea to serve his lust for power. He said it was clear now that the plan behind the grand alliance of opposition parties was only a power-seeking scheme of the PML-N. Riaz warned the PML-N leadership against creating political polarisation in the society and destabilising the democratic government of the PPP at the Centre. The opposition leader said though the Sharif brothers had once again come out trying to weaken a democratic government, the nation would not be deceived by their hollow slogans as the people had already seen their real faces in the past. He said the Sharif brothers had started unjustified criticism of his party’s government at the Centre, while covering the misdeeds and corruption in Punjab, where their party was in power.