WASA’s claims go down the drain


Intensive rain in the provincial metropolis exposed the Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA)’s tall claims as almost half of the city was submerged in rain water on Sunday.
Various signboards fell and several trees rooted-out because of the windstorm in different parts of the city. A passenger bus also slipped into the green belt near Shadman at canal bank road because of the storm..
The Met office said rain with thundershower is expected in parts of Upper Punjab (Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore and Sargodha), Hazara division, North East Balochistan and Kashmir today (Monday), whereas the current rain spell is likely to subside during next 24 hours. Minimum temperature recorded in the city on Sunday was 26 Celsius and maximum was 35 Celsius. Relative humidity was 78 percent in the morning and 91 percent in the evening.
26 millimeters of rain,which started yesterday afternoon continued for about three hours. The day started with a sunshine and humidity but the clouds from north east covered the sky in no time. The Sun exposed itself again on Sunday evening but the weather remained cool.
Rain water made life miserable for residents of low lying areas, whereas power outages were also reported in the different parts of the city soon after the rain started. Several main roads and residential colonies turned into small streams and lakes including Iqbal Town, Lakshmi Chowk, Qartaba Chowk, Liberty roundabout, MM Alam Road and Qaddafi Stadium.
Monsoon, which started earlier than usual, is taking its toll on the citizens. Citizens claimed that the WASA did not play a proactive role throughout this current rain spell, as it failed to launch any operation against encroachments alongside the city’s drains.
The dark cloud cover produced a beautiful skyline, enjoyed by the Lahoris on a holiday. Special cuisines were also cooked to make the most out of the wonderful weather. Soon after the rain, citizens also visited the recreational places city including parks and restaurants. Though water on the roads made finding their way difficult, they claimed to have enjoyed the weather by going out and having tasty food. A citizen, Ehsan with his friends arranged a barbeque on Sunday to celebrate monsoon after the harsh heat spell. He said, “Such good weather on a holiday is no less than an icing on the cake.”