Pak-US relations passing through critical phase: PM


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said the Pak-USA relations are a bit off-track and passing through a critical testing phase.
Addressing the 236th Independence Day (04th July) of USA at the American embassy, he said that both countries enjoyed long-term relationships and deeply respected each other.
He also cited the dire need for better mutual, bilateral understanding, as both countries were passing through rigorous testing times.
He praised America for assisting Pakistan during all critical junctures such as historically disastrous flood and 2005 earthquake and said that Pak-USA strategic relationship would be maintained at all times to come.
He brushed aside any concerns about the proposed grand alliance of opposition parties, as being of least concern to the government.
He said no one could face the prevalent challenges single handedly, and joint efforts were needed to ensure better times for coming generations.


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