Hollywood stars invest in snoring rooms


Forget the panic room or the nuclear shelter, this season’s must-have fad in a Hollywood home is the ‘snoratorium’. Stars including Tom Cruise are converting guest bedrooms into a sound-proofed refuge they sleep in to give their spouses a break. The so-called ‘snoratoria’ rooms are the latest must have features in the luxury homes of Hollywood stars.
Rather than be relegated to the sofa they are creating padded and atmospherically-controlled rooms where they can snore away undisturbed. Snoratoriums are proving popular among ageing action heroes who are now in or reaching their 40s. At this age a man’s soft palate tends to relax more and creates noises which keep their partner awake. The snoratorium in Cruise’s £20million Hollywood home is towards the back of the property, close to the bedroom he normally shares with wife Katie Holmes, 32, and their daughter Suri, five.
Shortly after Cruise, 49, and Miss Holmes married it was reported she no longer slept in the same room as him because of his snoring – but he is far from the only culprit. Famous snorers include Winston Churchill who had a sleeping disorder, although he was not helped by his weight and fondness for cigars. Liz Taylor, apparently, could snore with the best of them, as can David Arquette – his ex-wife Courteney Cox said his nocturnal noises ‘shook walls’.
Hollywood estate agent Pierre Stooss said snoratoriums were catching on. It seems the perfect such room is small, comfortable and has a double bed to encourage spouses to visit if they are feeling charitable. “The key is making it as silent as you can, inside and outside. Some rooms have fish tanks to cover the noise and soothe the snorer,” said Stooss. Some 45 per cent of adults snore occasionally and 25 per cent are habitual snorers. In the U.S. Judith Sheindlin, 68, who hosts a daytime TV show called Judge Judy, recently admitted building a snoratorium at her 23-acre estate in Connecticut. “We have an extra room that we call the snoring room. It’s not necessarily for my husband. I have been told that I snore, although I cannot hear myself,” she said.


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