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Devolution issues can be resolved in CCI: Rabbani

Former chairman of the implementation commission on 18th Amendment, Raza Rabbani, on Saturday said the differences between federation and provinces over the devolution of ministries could be resolved in the meeting of the Council for Common Interests (CCI). Rabbani was talking to reporters at the Parliament House.
He said 17 ministries existed no more at the Centre after June 30, as all matters related to these ministries had been shifted to the provinces. Rabbani said the process of devolution of ministries to the provinces had been completed in consonance with the spirit of the constitution and all entries in the concurrent list had been abolished.

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  1. Shahabudin Shamsh said:

    For attention of MR Nawaz Sharif also.
    PPP-Z owes the passage of 18th amendment mainly to MR Ishak Dar . He never realized that PPP-z would make full capital of it while PPP starved, famished 16.5 crore poor, middle class,safaidposjs,retired from private sectors and honest in every grade and cadre in society of 'bijli'pani,roti,dal,channa,chawal,mehabgi,bills. etc.The glorified 'munshi' MR Dar as first Finance minister in PPP-Zardari government also forgot by naming Income Support Fund Scheme after the name of Benazir ( at the cost of two trillion rupees of national exchequer) gave PPP-z two crore free of cost votes which will go on increasing till the forthcoming elections.He could had well named it after Quaid Azam or Fatima Jinnah to save his party from exploitation by PPP in his political sagacity. If it is funded by Benazir Sahiba or Zardari sahibs’ money than,it may well be named after her otherwise it must be changed as Quaid Azam Support Fund well before next elections as its beneficiary believe money(RS1000) is sent by Bilawal,Zardadi and is severely impacting MLN vote bank which is proven in Bye elections and recent in Azad Kashmir.I wish MR Rabbani changes the nomenclature of BISF to Quaid Azam,Fatima Jinnah or National income support Fund if he is true constitutionalist above party and self.

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