Germany move past Pakistan in 4-Nation Hockey


Germany raced to a 2-1 win over Pakistan to gain valuable points in the four-Nation Cup Hockey Tournament at Amstelveen, Holland on Friday. With the win Germany have still hope for the title. Pakistan took the early lead and stood in the field enjoying the goal of Muhammad Zubair on an indirect pass from spearhead Shakeel Abassi.
The Germans did not let that lead last long and placed the Pakistan under pressure and at last their attacks yielded result when their forward cracked several time through Pakistan defence.
Pakistan returned slowly in the game, but could not make in to the German circle. But the Germans were more persuasive in their attacks Jan-Marco Montag, former corner gun, dragged the ball in the last seconds of the first half past Pakistan goalie Salman Akbar and brought this way the score on 1-1.
After ten minutes in second half the Germany that was for the first time in perfection came along to further tighten their game and Moritz Fürste went up with the ball to disappear in the goal post. Just as it seemed that Pakistan had an answer, but the ball disappeared by means of the body of Abdul Haseem Khan in the German goal and the aim point was explained invalid. Five minutes before the final hooter Grambusch almost brought the score 3-1 on its stick, but his hit disappeared centimeters away from the goal polls.