Pakistan incapable of fighting prolonged war with India: Mukhtar


Pakistan does not have the capacity to fight a prolonged battle with India, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar said on Tuesday, adding that ties with India would gradually become normal.
“In the past wars Pakistan and India had the capacity to fight for only 22 days but now since India has increased its military might, its capacity may have increased to fight for 45 days but Pakistan does not have that much capacity,” Mukhtar said in an interview with the BBC Urdu service.
To a question regarding the Abbottabad Commission set up to investigate the unilateral strike of the US forces in Pakistan and presence of Osama Bin Laden, he said the commission had not even started working yet and was already being criticised. He said the recommendations of the commission would be implemented in letter and spirit. The defence minister said the army also wanted the commission to finish its report at the earliest so the responsible be brought to justice.


  1. Pakistan can't last for more than a week if it goes to war with India. But India does not have to go to war with pakistan as pakistan is destroying itself. India has to just wait and watch as the terrorists pakistan supported are now attacking pakistan and killing their people. Soon there will be no pakistan just a wasteland.

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