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More Moonis Elahi scam witnesses back out

Banking Offence Special Judge (central) Malik Abdul Rasheed on Tuesday recorded statements of three prosecution witnesses in a case against Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi, involved in the National Insurance Corporation Limited (NICL) scam.
The witnesses backed out on their statements that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claimed to have recorded earlier during the investigation, saying they did not give any statement to the FIA. The development was being seen as part of the efforts to take Moonis Elahi out of the legal battle.
The court recorded cross examination of the defence council on prosecution witnesses Safdar Ali, Maroofur Rehman and Hafiz Junaid, employees of a bank. The prosecution witnesses informed the court that they had not given any statement to the FIA against Moonis. The court adjourned the matter till July 5. They further told that the bank accounts of Khadim Rasool and Adil Manzoor were opened in accordance with the procedure and they personally visited the bank for opening accounts and withdrawing money.
The court, after recording their statements adjourned the matter till July 5 and summoned three more prosecution witnesses on the next date of hearing. Earlier, the court had recorded statements of five private witnesses which denied Moonis’ involvement in the case. The court was hearing the case against Moonis Elahi, his Manager Abdul Maalick, Rizwan Bhatti and Khalil Ahmad for receiving Rs 320 million through the NICL scam.

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  1. Ali Akbar said:

    Ofcourse the witnessess had to back out if they value their lives, jobs abd safety of their families. How can you expect them to stand up to the might of a criminal, who has the full support of the ruling government in Islamabad. At the end of day, the angels will be held responsible for depositing over Rs300 million in the bank accounts of Monnis Elahi, or his managers, or some other bloke, who was not even aware that he has a bank account. In any other country, this case would qualify as a CONSPIRACY against the state and the FBR with all the might of the state, if it is interested in recovering taxes and documenting the economy, would have taken upon itself to convict this man, who has become an ICON for the new generation of LAPTOP ROBBERS that plague this country. Why is the press silent?.

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