Anushka Sharma’s ordeal at Mumbai airport


Anushka Sharma won Best Actress at IIFA 2011 in Toronto but her return to Mumbai was far from triumphant. The actress was delayed and allegedly detained at Mumbai airport on June 27 as the customs department verified her claimed accessories (apparently between 20lakhs-40lakhs worth of gold jewellery), officials said.
“She was not detained. She claimed that she was carrying some watches and jewellery, so we were verifying that. So, she was delayed at the airport,” a customs official said.
“Anushka is not being interrogated by customs. She was carrying various accessories that were given by various brands to her. Anushka is only at the customs only to sign the formal paperwork for the borrowed accessories,” Anushka’s spokesperson said.
Whatever the case, Anushka was at the airport for over 12 hours, finally leaving in the early hours of June 28.