PML-N eyeing MQM for forming grand opposition alliance


After MQM’s departure from the ruling alliance, PML-N has its eyes set on MQM for forming a grand opposition alliance.
According to PML-N sources, PML-N has instructed all its leaders and member parliaments to refrain from giving out statements against the MQM. A modus operandi would be prepared to consult MQM to issue basis inside and outside the parliament. Furthermore, if MQM shows its seriousness of being a true opposition party not a mere hogwash like JUI-F which enjoys the perks of being an opposition as well as treasury than MQM and other opposition parties would be invited to form a united opposition to exert more pressure on the government.
PML-N central leadership has apparently been told that this time the divorce between MQM and PPP seems to be final and there are remote chances that it would be wooed back into the ruling alliance. The PML-N brains seem to think alliance with MQM would make the opposition stronger.


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