Milk’s wholesome goodness now in expired Paks


Multinationals seem to have been taking lessons from ordinary doodh wallahs: Nestle’s Milk Pak, for generations a trusted brand in many households, is pushing its expired batch to wholesalers willing to buy the consignment at subsidized rates, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The expired milk is being readily accepted by shops that sell milk shakes, ice-cream and other dairy products. Many argue that in times when packaged milk is sold for as high as Rs 76 per litre, getting Milk Pak for Rs 40 per litre is almost like striking gold.
“Some 15 days ago, the company offered a wholesale rate of Rs 60 per litre for the batch that expired June 18, and thereafter, kept slashing 10 rupees every five days. The price Milk Pak is now being sold for is Rs 40 per litre,” sources said. “The batch of Milk Pak packets which expired on June 24, as well as the one marked with an expiry date of June 28 or 29 are both also being sold at Rs 40 per litre. It seems the company wants to cash its expired milk at all costs rather than disposing it,” sources said, while producing the price list given by the company. Copies of this list are available with Pakistan Today.
A senior member of the Karachi Retailer Grocers Alliance (KRGA), talking to Pakistan Today on condition of anonymity, confirmed the authenticity of the source report and admitted that Milk Pak rates were dropped by the company.
“Many wholesalers loyal to their business have stopped purchasing expired milk. The whole sale rate of a 12-litre carton is supposed to be Rs 860, but the stock which was supposed to expire on June 18 and on June 24 was sold at Rs 800 in the beginning of June. This price plummeted to Rs 720, and then to Rs 600. The company is now offering the same 12-litre carton at Rs 480,” he said.
The company’s policy has encouraged many shops and roadside vendors to make hay while the sun is shining. Ali Jan, who sells milkshakes on a pushcart, told Pakistan Today that he purchased ten 12-litre Milk Pak cartons from Joria Bazaar in Saddar at a total cost of Rs 5,700 – a sum that included Rs 300 in cab fare to transport the milk from Saddar to Gulistan-e-Jauhar. “If I buy 10 cartons of tetra pack milk of any other brand, it would cost me around Rs 8,880, excluding cab fare,” a visibly chuffed Jan said. “This [low prices] is the reason I prefer Milk Pak and it is selling too.”
Caterers are not ones to be left behind. Nasir, owner of Khuwaja Pakwan Centre, told Pakistan Today that they continued to use Milk Pak, regardless of whether it is expired or not. “Even if it is expired, it will not harm the human body, because when we boil milk at high temperatures, all harmful bacteria are killed,” he said.
Nutritionist Dr Mohammad Khalid told Pakistan Today that from the date of manufacture, all tetra pack milk expire in 58 days. “If anyone drinks expired milk, it will be dangerous for their body. Women are especially at risk, because drinking expired milk can lead to complications in their reproductive and menstruation functions,” he said.


  1. This is so embarrassing for a nation like Pakistan that has an access to agricultural cattle and where getting purified and unexpired milk should not be an issue. Sadly we don't even capitalize on our strengths.

  2. Business men are willing to risk our lives for the sake of their survival. That's shameful. A Notice must be taken on this issue.

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