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How political parties view MQM’s decision

The ripple effect of MQM’s decision to quit the federal and Sindh governments is palpable across the political spectrum and is likely to ratchet up difficulties for the government in the days ahead.
Pakistan Today on Monday spoke to leaders of various political parties to get their views on the latest political development.
Following are the views:
PML-N says Coalition was destined to fall apart: Running a government with coalition partners having mutually exclusive agendas could have never been a smooth sailing and they were destined to fall apart sooner or later, PML-N spokesman Siddiqul Farooq said in his reaction to the MQM’s decision.
He hailed the MQM’s decision, saying the party did the right thing as neither democracy nor the constitution was safe from the PPP’s undemocratic and autocratic style of governance.
Farooq said the PPP rigged the AJK elections and his party might approach the proper forum for getting the election annulled.
Decision a right move : Khawaja Muhammad Asif of the PML-N called the MQM’s decision a positive step and hoped that the party would stick to its decision and would not deviate from its current stance.
He said the MQM’s entry in the opposition would make ways in obstructing the government from doing its foul play.
PML-Q says MQM move well considered:
PML-Q Senator SM Zafar said the present decision of the MQM was deliberate, well considered and not emotional. He said the MQM’s decision would certainly cast impact on national politics, adversely affect law and order in Karachi, including some other parts of Sindh, and overall economy of the country. He, however, hoped that both parties would realise the cost of their estrangement in terms of democracy in the country.
Asked how the PML-Q would react to the development, he said his party was closely monitoring the situation and could review its decision to remain in the government.
PPP says Not a point of no return: PPP Secretary Information Qamar Zaman Kaira coalition governments faced such problems in democracy and it should not be construed as a point of no-return.
Decision internal problem of MQM: PPP Secretary General Jahangir Badr said the move was an internal problem of the MQM, however, the PPP wanted to bring all political parties on board.
Addressing a press conference at PPP Sindh Media Cell, Badr said there “were many who died with the desire for PPP’s bad days in their heart. But our party survives because of the sacrifices of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto”.
MQM’s allegations baseless: Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon said allegations levelled by the MQM were false and baseless.
All issues to be
resolves amicably: PPP central leader Samina Khalid Ghurki said the PPP was in contact with the MQM leadership and all issues would be resolved amicably.
Strategy in place to appease MQM: Syed Khurshid Shah said the PPP had devised a strategy to bring the MQM back into the government.
Elements trying to derail democracy: PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich said the elements trying to manipulate the differences between the PPP and MQM would not succeed in their anti-democracy moves.
He said their target was not the PPP, rather they were trying to derail the democratic system.
welcome in opp: JUIF chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said his party welcomed the MQM on opposition benches and hoped that their decision would be ultimate.
He said although the MQM and PML-N had bitterness in the past, but hopefully both parties would work out the differences in larger national interests.
Decision to boost
democracy: JUI-F Senator Ismail Bulaidi said his party would welcome the MQM in the opposition’s ranks, as it would help make democracy stronger.
He said that MQM should not have remained in the government when the JUI-F had left it. “Had the MQM not joined the government for a second time, its credibility MQM would have increased manifolds,” Bulaidi said.
ANP says PPP now free of blackmailing: The ANP said the MQM’s decision would set the PPP free to take concrete measures for improving law and order in Karachi.
“The MQM has been blackmailing the PPP-led coalition government and after its withdrawal from the government, the PPP will be free of the blackmailing and other political compulsions,” Haji Adeel said, hoping that PPP would be able to take concrete measures to restore peace to Karachi.
Asked how could he be certain that any unilateral action on part of the government would not worsen law and order in Karachi, Adeel said it was responsibility of the government to protect the people.

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