Education for all


One of the main problems of our educational system is different school systems. Every person wants his child to get education in well-known and good schools but this is not possible because of high fees that the middle and lower class cannot afford. This is the reason of the existence of class education system. The rich can family send their children to good educational institutions and the children, who have capability but no money, cannot attend these schools. Consequently, these poor children lack behind in the real life.

Fewer chances are given to the people belonging to poor families even if they have great capabilities. To earn money, our youth adopts the path of illegal activities not knowing what could be the results. These problems don’t exist in western countries as they don’t have such an education system. The rich and the poor are given the same kind of education. Every child is given equal basic education but in our country, the fees of even prep classes touching the skies. If this continues any further, the rate of illiteracy in our country will rise to an alarming extent and we would never be able to make progress. Solution to this problem is equal basic education for all.