Triple murderer still at large


North Cantonment and Naulakha Police have not been able to arrest the murderer of three people, including a young girl, even after 36 hours of the mishap, Pakistan Today has learnt. Investigators satisfied themselves by placing the killer’s name in the Exit Control List (ECL) on Sunday. According to details, accused Mohammad Khalid had recently returned from the UK. Khalid’s grandfather, father and mother own three double-storey houses of 5 marlas, 6 marlas and 7 marlas respectively at Mohalla Darashikoh near Do Moria Pull in the Misri Shah Police Station precincts.
Khalid’s father Akhtar Mir had three daughters and a son. Khalid and his sister were settled in the UK while Khalid’s second sister was residing in Lahore along with her in-laws at Tufail Road in the North Cantonment Police Station precincts. Khalid’s mother was living along with her granddaughters Faiza, 23, and Hina, 20, in her house since a couple of years, after the death of her daughter, who was mother of Faiza and Hina.
The two remaining houses were on rent and Khalid’s mother, after death of her husband Akhtar, was receiving rent of the two houses, which she was used to raise Faiza and Hina. Khalid, being the only son, was demanding her mother to sell all inherited property to give him his share but all sisters refused to divide the property on which he had a grudge against them.
On Saturday, Khalid reached her mother’s house and demanded his share again but his mother refused to do so on which he got infuriated. Khalid first shot and injured Faiza and Hina. Both the sisters were rushed to Mayo Hospital where Faiza succumbed to her injuries. After killing his niece, Khalid also attacked the house of his maternal uncle at Gujjarpura but no one was injured in the attack. The accused later reached the house of his sister living at Tufail Road and killed her brothers-in-law Mazhar Saeed and Khurshid Anwar. After registering a first information report (FIR), Naulakha Police immediately arrested Khalid’s close friends Faisal Butt and Afzaal for interrogation.
According to sources, as compared to Naulakha Police, North Cantonment Investigation Police did not do anything except informing immigration officers about the killer. Sources claimed that investigators believe that the killer has escaped abroad due to negligence of North Cantonment Police, who took around 12 hours to decide to place Khalid’s name in the ECL.
On other hand, Naulakha Police handed over body of Faiza to her family after autopsy and the slain girl was laid her to rest after funeral in a local graveyard near the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) at Main GT Road. Doctors also discharged Hina after providing her medical aid. North Cantonment Police have not yet contacted anyone for autopsy of Mazhar Saeed and Khurshid Anwar. According to sources, police will request for autopsy of the two bodies today (Monday) as relatives of the two deceased have requested them. Sources said that relatives of the deceased are waiting for their few relatives, who are settled abroad and want to attend the funeral of Mazhar Saeed and Khurshid Anwar. Ali Butt, son of Khalid’s maternal uncle, has also filed a complaint to register another FIR against Khalid. Ali said that police are cooperating with them.


  1. police does not want to arrest the triple murdered case of mazhar saeed and khurshid.families of both brothers are also under life threat by the killer.police know where he is hidden still they dont dare arresting him reasons…traditional ….today his men opened fire on his rasme oul.those killed were canadian nationals,perhaps only its canadian govt who can do official efforts for providing justice to widow of mazhar saeed is helpless looking for justice ,his all assets may be stolen..pray for her life please

  2. Mr.CHIEFMINISTER PUNJAB youy will be held resonsible of overlooking these muders.its your official,moral and religious duty of punishing these killers…HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND …i being there neighbor feel the pain why not you

  3. This is life insurance scam. Mazhar Saeed is broke. His family in Montreal needs money desperately. Mazhar owes people in Montreal of over $50,00o.00. Mazhar commitied insurance fraud at his Perfume store in Montreal. He is wanted in Singapore for scamming people. Asked Bobby Sing of Sing Motors.

    • very disgusting and unhuman comment by these allegations do you think murder is justified.may be you are the one behind this brutal serial murders

  4. This is not life insurance scam and he was not that much broke as you people think.
    He has not cheated as other people cheated him,He was not wanted as well.

  5. @ Amit-What a cheap and disgusting thing to say when the article is completely unrelated to whatever nonsense you have to sprout about him…HOW STUPID and messed up CAN YOU BE to think of this as a life insurance scam?The man died in a fight that wasnt even his to begin with and he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.His financial status is none of your concern and unless you're his insurance agent who is entitled to pass such snide remarks,keep your "Intelligence" to yourself.Whether or not he owed people money,the fact of the matter remains that he was KILLED by some raging moron(who still isnt caught) over something as trivial as property,which by the way has NOTHING to do with the late Mr Saeed.And that is what the article is about,it's not about questioning his financial status.

    And Mazhar Saeed is no longer amongst us,the term "is" is no longer applicable to him!What he WAS,was a man who carried himself with the utmost integrity and grace and was one of the nicest people to have walked amongst us. It's a shame that fools like you who undermine other people's lives are still walking amongst us and good people like Mr Saeed have passed on. Forget personal beliefs and what you or i think about him-what you should really be thinking about is whether saying such things are needed or not.A man's dead,his family and friends are in a wreck and i'm sure their lives are gonna be a lot more painful cos there are people like you who insist on becoming the "moral police" and give your two cents worth of what someone is(or what you may perceive him to be). WHETHER HE WAS BANKRUPT/A SCAMMER/WHATEVER YOU THINK OF HIM TO BE,THE BOTTOMLINE IS THAT HE DIDNT DESERVE TO DIE IN SUCH A MANNER.AND NOT JUST HIM,NOBODY DESERVES TO BE SHOT DEAD JUST COS A LUNATIC COULDNT GET A LION'S SHARE OF THE PROPERTY. YOU'RE DISGUSTING.

    • i totally agree with mr.krish. mr.amit seems tobe a mentallyretarded sick person,or he is also involve in this murder anyway.

  6. mr.amit seems to be a mentally retarded or he is anyhow involved in this murder.i agree with mr.krish.

  7. A point of clarification. "Krish" is my daughter Karishma Sharma and I am proud of her and what she said. Mazher Saeed was a family friend of long standing and is worth a thousand "Amit". May Mazher's soul rest in peace.

  8. There are always two sides to a person. You guys may have only seen one side of Mazhar, and I don't doubt he was once successful business man, and he was extremely kind when he was bathing in cash. He helped almost all of his family members when they needed it, but when he blew all that money on family, booze and ********* in Thailand, he became desperate, so he turned to scamming people out of their hard earned money. He was not a true Muslim in my opinion

    • amit.may b one day u l b in same shoes,but nobdy l write for ur by ur comments u seem nt to b a human,only u think u r judge f justify murders,u r nt Bhagwan even,look ur own inner ,we also know stop cursing good people,rather curse urself..

  9. evrybody is praying for mazhar saeed,so only your negative comments is of no worth so plz assess your worth.ALLAH knows whether he was atrue muslim or not,,,,but your attitude itself state that not only you are not a true HINDI you are not even a true human

  10. some compassion is needed in light of the tragic events. If not for the victims, at least have respect for the family members of the people who died. They are already torn with grief and these comments will hurt them even further. Please show more respect for the recently departed and their grieving loved ones. I used to live in Montreal as a child so I grew up knowing Uncle Khurshid Anwar and just found out about the terrible news. He was a very charming loving man with a loving family of wife & 3 daughters. All one can do is make dua for the recently departed and the grieving famiies. The same should be done for ALL including Mazar Saeed

  11. Firstly I would like to clarify that these murders were done out of jealousy and had nothing to do with property… @ mr amit I'm sorry to say but ppl like u and ur brother hv always been jealous of mr. Mazhar's personality he was someone which u can only wish u can be…so somewhere in ur sick little mind u will hv some sort of satisfaction by writing such disgusting remarks (which quite frankly say a lot abt what kind of person u are) Secondly I would like to make clear that mazhar is my uncle and Khursheed is my dad.. My uncle is a hero who came out of his room when he heard the gun shots and sacrificed his life for his brother which shows what kinda man he was.. And as far as my father was concerned he was an innocent man he was brutally murdered by a savage out of jealousy over his wealth and respect… So mr. Amit when u can become half the man mr mazhar was then u can speak ur bullshit or else if I was u I'd keep my MOUTH SHUT!!!!!

  12. Mr. Amit you are right. Mazher owed more thn 50000 dollars back in montreal. But dear please tell the reason behind it??? You know you used to send our sisters to sleep with his sons, for the sexual education, therefore he has to pau u a huge amount. He always wanted to have his kid a good education. So he hired your sisters for his sons.

  13. Mazhar saeed wasn’t a bad man but was being robbed by his useless brothers in Lahore. Mazhar and this brother khursheed were hard working people and successful. His other brothers are thugs and fraud who ate everything of Mazhar and khursheed. Now the brothers are eating mazhars property and not giving a dime to his widow. What a shame

    • lol. she got 5000000 rupees so far from his brothers and still you guys say she gets nothing. and they know it that she still gives this money to her mother. her mother could not get anything from her in laws when she got widdowed because she was in love with safdar and now she is taking revenge from mazher's family.

  14. Mazher and Khursheed were from a very nice family. We all have brothers sisters mother father kids wives husbands. Both the brothers were brutely murdered. Their family had already enough. Could you please all leave them alone. hey whats wrong with you guys. one is saying bad things about mazher other saying bad about his brothers hey hey hey pls leave them alone. its non of your business. its not a tv play. stop discussing them. mazher spent his life like a king. if he supported his family its not a big deal. he also spent lots of money on his sister mother and brother in laws too. right after 3 months of his death his mother in law changed her house decoration would she do it if her own loved would have been killed. guys go and see how painfull life they are havng his brother and sisters. shut your mouth now or a curs might be up on you to have same incident as they had his brothers and sistets . not to forget u too have brothers so it might be happened with u.

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