Sindhi literary figures remembered


Writers, poets, intellectuals and the civil society paid glowing tributes to the three Sindhi literary figures, Hassan Dars, Mansur Malik and Tariq Alam Abro, who passed away during this month at a condolence reference organised by Sindhi Language Authority (SLA) at its premises on Thursday night.
Addressing the gathering on the occasion, SLA chairperson Dr Fehmida Hussain likened the three deceased poets taken away from Sindh and its people to a constellation of stars. “Their deaths were a huge shock for their readers who revelled reading their poetry and novels. Malik contributed 11 books to the Sindhi literature, among them 5 are on poetry,” she added.
Dr Fehmida said that late Abro was a great writer and artist, and had innate abilities of creating art. “Besides his literary flair, Abro was an affable person whose personality and congeniality impressed all who met him.” Paying homage to Dars, she said the poet possessed peerless mastery over imbuing his poetry with striking ideas. “He was a continuity of Shaikh Ayaz, a stature enviable for all Sindhi writers and poets.”
“With his death, Sindh has lost a man whom the historians would have called the poet of the 21st century,” she said, adding that Dars was rightly referred to as the ‘poet of young hearts’ by late Shaikh Ayaz. Speaking on the occasion, Jami Chandio, a scholar and social activist, was of the opinion that relations strengthened by ideologies and thought are stronger than those of blood. “These writers formed such a strong chord with their readers.”
Chandio said that Dars depicted all idyllic places of Sindh as well as different settings peculiar by their traditions from Thar deserts to mountainous regions from Jamshoro to Jacobabad in his poetry. “His words were so vivid that they would thrust the readers in reverie and made an image of the writing.” Famous writer Rasool Bux Dars described the three poets as the best Sindh had produced in the present times.
“It is a colossal misfortune that all the three left us at almost the same time. Their deaths will create a gap which will not be filled in the years to come.” Radio Pakistan Director Naseer Mirza told the audience that late Abro was his friend since their college days in 1978 and he had learned a lot from him. “He was an art and literature connoisseur.”
“Dars was referred to as a poet of nature who was gifted with the wisdom to interpret natures’ different hues,” said Mirza. Women right activist Amar Sindhu, Prof Inam Shaikh, writers Ruhal Dars, Arbab Naek Muhammad and Zulfiqar Qadri also spoke on the occasion.