PCB may stop Afridi from playing in SLPL


The Pakistan Cricket Board has said it can ban Shahid Afridi from participating in the inaugural Sri Lanka Premier League (SLPL) if the former Pakistan captain doesn’t stop his rants against the board.
Earlier this month, the PCB granted Afridi a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to play for Hampshire in English Twenty20 league after their bitter dispute was settled out of court. But Afridi’s continued tirade irked the PCB and some top officials so they were not in the favour of granting him an NOC to play in SLPL to be held in Colombo during July-August. PCB official said that the Board would not hesitate in taking action against Afridi in case of ‘foul play’.
Afridi, after a long stand-off with the PCB that also involved a legal battle, finally left for England to play for Hampshire after getting his NOC back. The all-rounder – currently focusing on foreign leagues in the aftermath of his retirement from international cricket – was confident of getting the board’s permission for tournaments like next month’s SLPL.
However, a PCB official warned that Afridi should not take things for granted. “Afridi is still being monitored closely,” said the official. “The board is keeping a hawk’s eye on his interviews. Any harsh statement against the board may lead him to trouble again. He will have to apply for NOCs for other tournaments again and any foul play will surely block his participation,” he added. “The PCB still has the right to take action against him and block his participation in foreign leagues. Legally, the board can take action against a player within 12 months after the suspension of the central contract,” he said.