Much awaited National T20 Cup begins today


The National Twenty20 Cup will roll into action at Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad from Friday (today). Two matches will be played on the first day which will be broadcast live on private cable television channel.
With no international cricket being played in Pakistan, this tournament is the perfect opportunity for fans to see their favourite stars. Many star cricketers will be featured in the tournament. Lahore Lions are the reigning champions. The teams have been divided into two pools; Pool-A comprises of Lahore Lions, Sialkot Stallions, Islamabad Leopards and Hyderabad Hawks, while Pool-B includes Faisalabad Wolves, Rawalpindi Rams, Karachi Dolphins and Multan Tigers.
The inaugural match will be played on June 24 between Faisalabad Wolves and Multan Tigers followed by another match on the same day between Karachi Dolphins and Rawalpindi Rams. On June 25, Islamabad Leopards will face Hyderabad Hawks followed by another match on the same day between Lahore Loins and Sialkot Stallions. Karachi Dolphins will fight against Multan Tigers on June 26 while Lahore Lions and Sialkot Stallions will try to knock down each other in the second match on the same day.
On June 27, Sialkot Stallions will fight against Hyderabad Hawks followed by another fight between Lahore Loins and Islamabad Leopards on the same day. Similarly, Karachi Dolphins and Faisalabad Wolves will face each other on June 28 whereas Rawalpindi Rams and Multan Tigers will also try to beat each other on the same day.
Islamabad Leopards and Sialkot Stallions will try to overcome each other on June 29 followed by second play on the same day between Lahore Lions and Hyderabad Hawks. Semi-finals of the tournament will be played on June 30, while final event will be held on July 1. The tournament will be held under the aegis of Regional Cricket Association in collaboration with Iqbal Stadium Management Committee, City District Government, Divisional Sports Office, Pakistan Cricket Board and Faysal Bank. Meanwhile, the management committee has established ticket booths in different areas of the city for selling tickets at the rate of Rs25. Each ticket will be valid for one match of the day.