Karachi welcomes hostages freed by Somali pirates


Karachi on Thursday welcomed a group of hostages held for 10 months by pirates off the coast of Somalia, after sending a navy vessel to rescue the Pakistanis, Egyptians, Indians and one Sri Lankan.
Pakistan helped Egypt to secure the release of the Egyptian-registered boat, Suez, which docked in Oman last week after the ordeal began in August 2010.
“Our navy ship PNS Zulfiqar has reached Karachi port along with the 22 crew members of the Egyptian boat,” said Pakistan navy spokesman Mohammad Kamran.
“We are welcoming them warmly and will keep the foreigners as our guests,” he said.
A ceremony was conducted to welcome the hostages, with relatives of the four Pakistanis in attendance, the local government said.
The other crew include 11 Egyptians, six Indians and a Sri Lankan.


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