ADC to Pervez Musharraf shot dead


Maj (Retd) Tanvir who remained ADC to former President Pervez Musharraf has been shot dead in broad day light in the posh area of Islamabad.
Well-placed sources told Online Thursday Maj (Retd) Tanveer was gunned down in suite No 4 of Korakoram plaza located in the area of F-11 at federal capital. He was shot in the left side of his head.
Maj (Retd) Tanvir was heart patient and he had undergone by pass surgery. However a 9 MM pistol had been found at the scene after his murder. The pistol did not bear fingerprints of any one. Police noted it with concern that no fingerprints were available on pistol.
Police had taken the pistol into their custody and started investigations to ascertain if the fingerprints have been erased from the pistol.
Police sources told the victim had left behind one wife and two sons. Postmortem of the body was not conducted at the request of family members of the deceased Major and his body had been handed over to legal heirs without postmortem.
PIMS sources told Online had family members of deceased allowed postmortem of the body the situation could have become clear if it was suicide case or some one had shot him dead.
Sources told family members of the deceased were of the view that he had committed suicide.


  1. Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace. I think all buddies of Musharraf who committed atrocities, looting and plundering will face the same end.

    • Thanks for your prayers. He was my cousin and just ADC to Gen. Musharaf. I do not understand from where you get analogy of him being part of others.

    • Maj. Tanveer was ADC to Mushraff not a buddy as u think. he was serving in the Army and appointed ADC by Army.
      Every Head of State and head of Government (President, PM)and Services Chief have ADC and Military sectaries appointed by Army, Air force or Navy, they are not part of Governmnet. This is a normal practice throughout the World. Those who are appointed ADC are Out Standing Officers. this is for ur General Knowledge.
      Secondly he took Retirement in 2004.
      I am his first Cousin and Brother In Law and I know what a gem of a person he was.

  2. "A man is known by the company he keeps." A sad end for anybody but being an associate or servant of Mush is a big crime itself, isn't it???

  3. Whatever the little I knew of him assures me that he cannot commit a suicide. He was a dedicated and committed soldier who served the Pakistan Army to the best of his abilities. Even a layman like me can figure out that no fingerprints on the pistol confirms that he did not commit a suicide. It is so unfortunate that our media enjoy speculating on each and every opportunity they get. For God's sake, conduct a proper and just Investigation to apprehend the culprits. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen

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