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Brigadier arrested for links to HT

Pakistan Army has arrested a serving brigadier on suspicion of having links with a banned religious organisation and investigation is underway to find out whether there are any other such officials in the military’s ranks, Pakistan Today learnt on Tuesday.
“Brigadier Ali Khan, who was deployed at General Headquarters (GHQ), has been arrested for having links with the banned organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir,” Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj General Athar Abbas told Pakistan Today. Hizb-ut-Tahrir is banned in Pakistan but is not as active as other such organisations and is more concentrated in Central Asia and the Middle East. It has also been blacklisted as a terrorist organisation by the United States. Its declared objective is to resume the Islamic way of life by the revival of the Islamic Caliphate.
Abbas said a probe was underway to dig up more facts on the matter, but declined to share details because that could impact the investigation. “Brigadier Khan has been arrested because we have a zero-tolerance policy for such activities within the army,” Abbas said. “The procedure of scrutiny in the army is very strict,” he added. Another security official requesting anonymity said Brigadier Khan, who had been serving at GHQ for the last two years in its Regulation Directorate, was arrested on May 5, three days after the May 2 US raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad, on suspicion of having links with extremist organisations.
“Khan is from Mianwali,” the official said without giving any further details. However, when Pakistan Today approached the arrested brigadier’s wife Anjum Ali, she said: “My husband has never been associated or in touch with Hizb-ut-Tahrir or any other extremist organisation… all these allegations are rubbish.” However, she said her husband was a practising Muslim and “he had an unflinching belief in Islam”. She said he loved the Pakistan Army and would never even think of betraying his institution.
“He went to office on May 5, and never returned… he has an illustrious career and all his seniors including the army chief acknowledge this,” she said, adding that whoever she had contacted had told her that he husband was safe and sound, a routine probe was going on and he would return home soon. The official said that Brigadier Khan was not yet formally charged but his links with the extremist organisation were being probed by the Special Investigation Branch (SIB).
He said the detention orders of Brigadier Khan were issued by COAS General Kayani himself, but it was also a fact that he and other top military commanders were perturbed by the issue because of Khan’s excellent professional record and also because his family had been associated with the army for decades. Khan’s father was a junior commissioned officer, his brother is a serving colonel in the army and his son and son-in-law are captains in the army. General Kayani ordered the arrangement of a briefing at his office after he was told about Brigadier Khan’s links with Hizb-ut-Tahrir.
“At the end of the briefing, the visibly perturbed army chief ordered Khan’s detention,” said the official.

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  1. Aisha Ali said:

    Surely,after Abotabad,Mehran Naval base lapses,security,internal and enemy intelligence of respective armed branches MUST be in top most gear ,flawless and vigilance.However,Armed forces should not relax on the fact that MQM has been inciting polarization,division,mutiny,sedition in army 'jawan and generals' to trigger obviously MQM conspired so called 'inqlab 'when they are part of most corrupt coalitions in past twenty years government.all armed branches must thoroughly comb pro MQM factions to get rid of them and the most corrupt PPP-Zardari,dividing,breaking Pakistan,enslaving country to drones,IMF,UK,NATO,USA to perpetuayete his power and unbridled putrified billion of dollars..MQM is a treacherous militant outfit which changes its colors with more easy than Chameleon,,Chankya,Machiavelli.

  2. Shahid Hussain said:

    I remember a few days before one of the leading news agencies had reported that some army officer of the rank of major was arrested by security agencies on the alleged charges of having links with some terrorist group or events related to May 02 incidence. This was fervently negated by our foreign office and the ISPR.
    Now the cat has come out of bag proving once again that whatever is given to media is most of the time unreliable and cannot be trusted. The facts are always the on the other way around. This nuisance started in the previous government’s time and has now become an idiosyncrasy of the sitting government.

  3. Saad Durrani said:

    Lets not jump to conclusions. Let there be an investigation first and trust your Army as it knows a good amount than any of us do.

  4. VLRao said:

    This man appears to be a "bakra", a sacrificial lamb offered to deflect the wrath of the
    enraged masters in the US.

  5. zTauseef said:

    There are factual inaccuracies in this article and whoever responsible in the newsdesk should make amends and publish corrections. Please note below

    1.Hizb ul tahrir is an international Islamic political party who works in over 40 countries. Its focus is the Muslim world where it want to establish the Islamic Caliphate by establishing Islamic rule first in one country and then unifying the other Muslim countries on that idea
    2.The method party uses is purely political & intellectual in a peaceful manner

    3.It has not been banned in any country where the rule of law is respected. As such there has not been a single case of violence associated with this organization

    4.It was banned in Pakistan for doing political opposition to then dictator Musharraf

    5.It has not been ban in the West and where it is banned i.e. in the Arab world it is because of the repressive dictatorships who do not allow any dissent

    6.Hizb rejects violence as a mean for change and hence saying “Hizb ut-Tahrir calls for jihad against the West” is incorrect

    7.Similarly it is not banned in the US

    8.It works in the west to counter the attack on Islam and not to establish Islamic state in the western world

  6. abdullah said:

    ایبٹ آباد واقعہ:زیرِ حراست سی آئی ائے مخبروں سے دوستانہ سلوک کیا جائے گا، حسین حقانی

    what about this guys. these bastard rulers are declaring c.i.s agents friend and if a person is Islamic thee bastard kiani and other agents arrest him.

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