Army has got new spokesman in shape of Zardari: Nisar


Opposition leader in National Assembly Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said that Pak Army has got a new spokesman in form of Asif Zardari for which they should be congratulated.
He said this while speaking to the journalists outside the Parliament here on Wednesday. He added that walls and doors of presidency were evident that Zardari used the language against army and generals in first one and a half years.
He said Zardari was making fun of Islamic believes by calling Nawaz Sharif“Moulvi”. He added that Zardari was expressing his unreligious thoughts which were not hidden from anybody.
He further said that Zardari was elected through public votes but he could not come out from the style of Pervez Musharraf and his end would not be different from his.
He said that PML-N would contest elections on one-point agenda that is to get rid of “Zardari brand” corrupt government.