5 new ways you can pay your KESC bills


With the Karachi Electric Supply Company’s (KESC) routine operations crippled due to the ongoing saga of the workers, the power utility has drawn up five alternate arrangements for timely payment of monthly electricity bills.
The first method is to visit the utility’s official website, www.kesc.com.pk, and enter the 13-digit account number to retrieve a duplicate copy of the current electricity bill.
This can then be printed and presented at all banks for payment purposes. The banks have been taken into confidence about this measure and they have circulated the instruction to all branches for acceptance of duplicate bill. The second way is to directly go to the offices of NADRA, NIB Bank branches, Easy Paisa outlets, UBL Omni Banking and 1-Link ATMs, and present the 13-digit account number.
These outlets would retrieve the bill details and provide a payment receipt of the bill to the customer. Customers can also call KESC’s call centre, 118, and follow the automated system to retrieve a duplicate copy of the bill. They can pay their bills through this duplicate. The fourth way is to email the 13-digit number to [email protected], after which customers will receive an electronic copy of their bill.
Last but not the least, customers familiar with online payments can use their existing online banking services to pay their bills.


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