WAPDA TT players boycott Masters Cup


The top five female table tennis players of WAPDA pulled out of the Masters Cup after threatening calls from their department. Talking to the Pakistan Today, WAPDA captain Sanam Yasin said that the team for any national championship or top ranked tournaments was selected on the ranking basis through trials. “After the trials top players were selected to participate in the event but just a day before event to start, their department (WAPDA) not only brought in low ranked players, who did not even take part in the trials but also threatened the boycotting players that they would lose their jobs.” She further made it clear that the top five players had pulled out of the event only due to the threats they had been receiving for protesting against the induction of blue eyed players in the team.
She added that there was no manager along with the team to sort out the issue while the official appointed Khalid Mirza as a manager had to travel with the team to Islamabad, where the event was being held, while coach Sajid Hussain was become a part of the favoritism who bestowed upon some of the players. Meanwhile, WAPDA coach Sajid Hussain said that he would give the reason for the top players boycotting from the event in due course. “Right now I have nothing to say and will answer on the issue in a short while,” he said and added the preparation of the players was quite well.