Rich vs poor


Rich countries are getting richer and poor are getting poorer day by day. The phrase seems very ordinary but is it possible that expression hidden in it can be a cause of global revolution in future? Whatsoever is currently happening in the world concerning the revolutions is somehow very much related to the efforts for saving capitalism.

The World Bank report of 2005 said that the 20 percent poor are getting only 1.5 percent of world’s resources. 20 percent of world’s resources are in the hands of 60 percent middle class while 77 percent of world resources are being enjoyed by the 20 percent rich people.

America and Europe spend 17 billion dollars on dog food and Europe squanders 50 billion dollars on smoking and 105 billion dollars on wine. While underdeveloped countries are able to spend only six billion dollars on education and 11 billion dollars on health which is equal to the ice-cream budget of Europe.

It will not be wrong to say that the human beings of rich countries are considered superior as compared to underdeveloped countries. Our governance has been restricted to follow foreign orders and humanity has been sold for dollars. Public has become a victim. Each institution should be accountable for its responsibilities, and it can only be possible in a case when our establishment will ensure the rule of law.