GRAP internal audit starts to unearth scam


Taking stern action on the UNICEF-funded GRAP corruption scam, the Punjab Social Welfare and Women’s Development Department and Baitul Maal have begun an internal audit of the office of Gender Reform Action Programme (GRAP), Pakistan Today has learnt.
GRAP is a project worth Rs 7.6 million to hold capacity-building training workshops for both men and women from April to June. The department has also disengaged accused GRAP project coordinator Hafiz Ilyas and Finance and Planning Assistant Director Safdar Abbas and Accountant Boota Shaukat from the foreign-sponsored programme with immediate effect to ensure transparency. Punjab Chief Secretary Nasir Mehmood Khosa issued the notification to transfer main accused Ilyas on Tuesday.
Punjab Social Welfare and Women Development Department Secretary Major (r) Shahnawaz Badar also suspended Safdar and Boota. According to official letters available with Pakistan Today, the Punjab Social Welfare and Women Development and Baitul Maal have constituted an audit team with approval of the competent authority to conduct an internal audit of the office of GRAP, Punjab.
The committee consists of Assistant Director (Accounts) Muhammad Fayyaz, Auditor Muhammad Zafar and auditor of the Punjab Social Welfare and Women Development Department and Baitul Maal. The committee will conduct a complete internal audit of the funds provided by the government, UNICEF and other donors, if any, and submit a report as soon as possible but not later than one week.


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