XEN suspended for failure to reduce line losses


GEPCO Chief Executive Mehboob Ali has suspended Hafizabad Division Executive Engineer Rana Ishtiaq for his failure to decrease line losses and has appointed Muhammad Mazhar Nawab in his place.
The GEPCO chief visited Hafizabad to condole the death of Usman Khan, a lineman of the subdivision No 1 who died from a severe electric shock the other day while performing official duties at a transformer it Marh Bashi.
The GEPCO chief also suspended SDO Rana Mudassar, Feeder in charge Muneer Virk and Rashid lineman for switching on the supply to the transformer where deceased Usman was working.
20 PANCHAYAT MEN BOOKED FOR HUMILIATING, TORTURING MAN: In pursuance of the derision of a “Panchayat” in Wachhoke village, the head, eyebrows and moustaches of a young man were shaven while he was tortured by over 20 villagers and forced to parade in the village streets.
The police registered a case against Chaudhry Liaquat Ali and 19 others and arrested Wasif and Sajid. However, the other accused managed their good escape. According to the victim, Sajid Ali, 30, and the police sources, batteries and a UPS were stolen by some one from the village mosque. The villagers suspected that Sajid had committed the theft. A “Panchayat” was held at the “Dera” of Chaudhry Liaquat Ali in Wachhoke, which decided to shave his head, eye brows and moustaches. He was forced to parade in the streets. The accused not only tortured him but also humiliated him and his family members.
Rustam-e-Pakistan honoured: District Police Officer Rana Shahid Rervez has underlined the need for the promotion of extra-curricular activities, particularly traditional games for mental and physical growth of the youth as well to save them from addiction.
Speaking at a function arranged by senior journalists in the honour of Usman Majid of Sheikhupura who recently won the title of Rustam-e-Pakistan, the DPO said all-out efforts should be made to promote healthy activities in the educational institutions, which could only save youth from social evils. He particularly referred to the traditional games like wrestling and kabaddi which, he said, must be promoted as a part and parcel of the Punjabi culture.
Ex-MPA Haji Muhammad Nayaz Juggianwala also addressed the gathering and assured his fullest corporation to the wrestlers. The prominent journalists who attended the function included Rana Yousaf Waheed, Abdul Hameed Rahmani, Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman, Bashir Ahmed Rahmani, Anjum Sohail, Abdul Jabbar Raza Ansari, founder, Anjuman Nowjawanan-i-Hafizabad, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Yousaf, Ranjha, Azim Yazdani, Abdul Majid, the father of Rustam-e-Pakistan. All the participants of the function congratulated Usman Majeed for winning the title of Rustam-e-Pakistan. Later, the DPO and Haji Muhammad Nawaz presented a trophy to Usman Majeed who thanked the journalists of Hafizabad for arranging a reception in his honour.
WOMAN’S BODY IDENTIFIED: The body of a young woman which was found lying in fields of Wachhoke village was identified as that of Shah Baghum wife of Shah Alam of Mandi Bahauddin.
Her body was exhumed today and handed over to her husband. She had been buried unclaimed. According to the postmortem report, she was shot dead. She had been missing for a week. It is suspected that the accused abducted her and killed her after committing a rape.