Sindh police: a white elephant worth Rs 33bn?


A lthough the provincial government spent at least Rs 33 billion on the police force during the outgoing financial year 2010-11, apart from their dismal performance, the revenue contribution by the law enforcers also remained very low. Despite funds of billions of rupees spent on the security personnel aimed at ensuring safety and security of precious human lives and property, the overall law and order situation remained unsatisfactory throughout the year with a remarkable increase in targeted killings, kidnapping for ransom, street crime, etc.
Well-placed sources in the Sindh Home Department told Pakistan Today that the lion’s share of Rs 409.1 million of the total revenue generated, totalling about Rs 1 billion, came from the registration and renewal of arms’ licence under the Arms Act; besides Rs 93.450 million were contributed by the traffic police under traffic fines imposed on citizens for violation of the rules.
A revenue of Rs 105 million was received from the police services accorded to the federal government; Rs 8.6 million from police services given to the Pakistan Railways; Rs 83 million from security services to municipalities and cantonments; Rs 96.4 million from services to public departments, private companies and persons; Rs 1.925 million from fee, fines and forfeitures; Rs 159.8 million from the driving licence department; Rs 1.645 million from recoveries of overpayments; Rs 29.1 million from the collection of payment for the services rendered; and Rs 0.78 million from other services offered by the police.
Interestingly, the Sindh government has again estimated at least Rs 458 million as the revenue collection target under the Arms Act for the next financial year 2011-12, which shows that more licences would be issued to citizens.
Despite tall claims of the elected rulers and demands being made by various political parties to deweaponise the city, the provincial government’s stance on issuing new arms licences is bound to result in a worse law and order situation in the province, particularly densely populated areas of Karachi.
Meanwhile, with a little increase in target, the government also expects to earn Rs 104.635 million from the traffic police in the next year.