Pakistan among top ten nations with academies for young scientists


Pakistan is among the top ten nations which have academies to promote science and technology in Pakistan by collaborative effort of young researchers of Pakistan from all science disciplines under the guidance of senior scientists.
National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) was established in 2009 in Pakistan which is working for propagation and development of science in the country.
The first national young academy was established in Germany with name Die Junge Akademie (the Young Academy), this was followed by establishment of young academy in Netherland in 2005.
At the same time, National Young academies were also established in Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria and Thailand.
Global Young Academy was also established in 2010 with its first general assembly meeting in March 2011 in Berlin, Germany.
Global Young Academy is working with the slogan “The voice of young scientists around the world”.
According to Prof. Anwar Nasim (Advisor COMSTECH) “The setting up of NAYS is a very timely and important initiative.
The fact that youth plays a crucial role in building the future of any nation has long been recognized and documented.
He said the real wealth of any nation is not natural resources but the intellectual capabilities, commitment, honesty and integrity of its youth.
“We are a developing nation and are lacking behind in science and technology so there is a great need to motivate young
researchers so that they could play a crucial role for the development of science and technology”.
Talking to APP, President NAYS Aftab Ahmed said innovative new discoveries can be made by providing a platform to young researchers from various science disciplines by sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise.
He was of the view that participation in national young academies will also produce next generation science leaders with
better understanding of scientific problems and future challenges.
Young scientists using same platform will discuss current and future challenges, help in policy making and will also develop links and collaborations which are very important for scientific progress of any country.
This will also help to develop link among national young academies and researchers of other countries for mutual benefit.
National academies will also make ground for collaboration among its members at national and international level.
Young researchers of National academies will play their best role in science awareness, community education, policy making and bridging the gap between academia and industry.
President NAYS Pakistan recently participated in first general assembly meeting of Global Young Academy in Berlin, Germany and introduced NAYS and its various projects to international community.
This meeting also gave president NAYS and other members from different countries, an opportunity to meet and discuss about the future of young academies.
The structure and projects of NAYS were highly appreciated by the international community.
So far more than 1200 young researchers/professionals have already joined NAYS from Pakistan and overseas and their number is still increasing.
President NAYS Aftab Ahmed said ” We have also started several other projects e.g. NAYS survey, community education, and lecture series etc and we are further planning to start new projects”.
These include NAYS-EIC, Best Young investigator award, Science Trips, Science for Youth etc very soon, he maintained.