Kidnappings on the rise


Kidnapping is a growing problem of Pakistan. In 2009, 480 people were officially recognised as ‘kidnapped for ransom’ in Pakistan. Such official figures can be misleading because they may not include cases where the abduction is done by relatives or close associates. Thus, the actual number of people kidnapped can reasonably be assumed to be more than this.
Kidnappings in the country are carried out by Pakistani militants and separatists, as well as professional criminal groups and, on occasion, by inexperienced individuals for an easy way to earn money. The majority of kidnappings for ransom, however, involve criminal gangs who normally target local businessmen.
Many females are kidnapped from streets, parks, and colleges for ransom or for trafficking. They are kidnapped, tortured, raped and then sold. Many are killed due to non-payment of ransom. Young teenage males are also kidnapped and sold as slaves to Arab countries and as forced labour. Child labour is also increasing due to an increase in child kidnappings.
The government should take steps to provide security to the people. The parks should be secured because parks are one of the major locations for kidnappings. Females should take special care about their safety as they are more vulnerable. Parents should keep an eye on their children and they should not let them out alone in the streets. Even though the government is responsible for a citizen’s security, some burden also falls onto the individual to take the necessary precautions.