CCPO orders thorough check of private security agencies


Extreme caution should be taken before appointing security guards, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmad Raza Tahir said on Sunday. In his order, CCPO has directed all divisional SPs to thoroughly check the offices of all private security agencies, operating in their respective areas, and personally check the veracity of security guards inducted by them. He directed then to checked whether the private security agencies, which have inducted these guards have done so in accordance with government approved rules and regulations or not, whether the company was operating illegally or without registration, whether the guards, who are performing their duty at a given place, have been properly registered at the concerned police station or not, whether the security guards’ residential addresses have been properly checked from the police stations concerned, whether any security guard has ever been involved in anti-national activities and whether the armaments of these private security agencies have been properly licensed by the government or not. CCPO further directed all divisional SPs to thoroughly check the offices of private security agencies and verify security guards deputed by them at various offices and private residences. CCPO also directed officers to send him a comprehensive report on the details of the private security agencies operating in their division at the earliest.