Still savages?


We watch/read of some brutal happening anytime we switch on the TV or open the newspaper. The brutal murder of Syed Saleem Shahzad which was an attempt to mute the lips of those who have the courage to unveil the truth gave birth to a morbid fear. This grief hdn’t passed when yet another heart-wrenching incident left an even deeper impact when millions saw Sarfraz pleading for his life as Rangers shot him point-blank.

Pakistan claims to be the most affected victim of terrorism. On the other hand, what are we showing to the world: trampling our own citizens, Rangers (who are supposed to protect the civilians) killing a common man that comfortably, a journalist being tortured to death just because he was conscientious and had the valour to tell the truth. Such spectacles will be counter-productive for Pakistan’s image as a prey of terrorism and it will be designated as a hub of savages.

All of us need to shun the evil that resides within us in order to provide a peaceful environment. The distinction between us and the savages should be evident by our behaviour, our conversation, our actions and deeds. Otherwise, we’ll fan the flames of much greater violence and anarchy as Hans Morgenthau wrote that a ‘ubiquity of evil in human actions’ inevitably turns ‘churches into political organisations, revolutions into dictatorships… and love of country into imperialism.’