Some questions


After the attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi on October 2009, the militants attacks on PNS Mehran in Karachi on May 23, 2011 should be and eye opener for those who consider that Pakistan is fighting the American war. It is unfortunate that the differing statements of the interior minister and the naval chief are only rubbing salt on the wound of the nation.

First, it was reported on the TV channels that 10 to 15 militants have entered the PNS complex. Then finally it was reported to the press that 4 militant had been killed and two had been able to escape from the complex surrounded by the security forces, after killing one lieutenant, 3 SSG personnel, 1 sailor, Rangers’ personnel and 3 firemen and seriously injuring 15 personnel of the security staff. The militants also destroyed two PC 3 Onion Air Craft worth billions of rupees. It took 16 hours for a fighting force of over 1500 personnel comprising of naval, military commandos, rangers and police men to regain control of PNS Mehran against 6 militants.

There are hard question being raised about the prepared ness of our defense forces in the war against militants. Why the navy in particular did not anticipate such an attack when its staff carrying buses were attacked on 23rd and 29th April?

The fact is the defenders themselves are falling victim to terrorism in the heart of the nation’s biggest city? Who are the serving personnel in PNS Mehran working as informers or supporters to militants because it is not possible that such an eventuality could take place without inside help? Why is our military might lacking in will to eliminate the militants once and for all? Why is there no policy to fight the menses of terrorism? Why is the anti-terrorist authority established few years back still not operative? If the Pakistan security forces have not killed Osama Bin Laden, then why are the affiliates of banned terrorist outfits attacking them?

Too many questions; not many answers.