Punjab’s women MPs much richer than their Sindhi peers


The detail of assets of the women lawmakers of the Punjab and Sindh assemblies filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday reveals that Punjab’s female lawmakers are much richer than their colleagues in the Sindh Assembly.
Member of the Punjab Assembly, Dr Faiza Asghar of the PML is among the richest parliamentarians having assets worth Rs 320 million. The PML leader owns immovable property worth Rs 160 million, three small houses worth Rs 15 million and a medical centre in Dubai worth Rs 49 million. Faiza also has assets worth $1.1 million. The PPP’s Sindh Assembly member Rukhsana Parveen is one of the richest female lawmakers in Sindh. She owns assets valued at around Rs 26 million, with immovable property worth Rs 20 million.
The PPP leader also owns two cars worth Rs 2.3 million and 120 tolas of gold. However, she did not mention the monetary value of her jewellery. The MQM’s Sindh Assembly member Mussarat Bano Warsi turned out to be one of the poorest female lawmakers as she has no movable and immoveable property against her name. Bano has a bank balance of Rs 0.3 million.
PML-N leader Farah Deeba, the daughter of renowned late comedian Rangeela, and Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri are also among the poorest MPs. Farah Deeba owns one car but its worth is not mentioned in her statement of assets, while she has a bank balance of Rs 100,000. Marri has a bank balance of Rs 130,000 and 10 tolas of gold. Samina Khawar Hayat of the PML-Q also joined the club of the poorest MPs as she has no moveable and immobile property against her name. She just owns gold ornaments worth Rs 0.56 million.
According to the asset details of Sindh Culture and Tourism Minister Sassui Palijo, she has assets of valued at almost Rs 5.3 million. She owns immovable property worth Rs 4.3 including agricultural land, four plots of land and one shop.
She owns 20 tolas of gold and one flat in London amounting to $150,000.
Ayesha Khoso, another PPP MPA from Sindh has net assets worth Rs 5.5 million.
Ghazala Saad Rafiq, the daughter of PML-N stalwart Khwaja Saad Rafiq, has no moveable and immovable property in her name. Her asset details say she owns 45 tolas of gold, prize bond worth Rs 800,000 and furniture amounting Rs 100,000.
The net value of PPP MPA Azma Zahid Bokhari is Rs 3 million.
She owns one vehicle worth Rs 500,000, 62 tolas of gold and Rs 40,000 in her bank blank. Nargis Faiz Malik of the PPP from Islamabad has total assets worth Rs 3.6 million. She owns one house in Islamabad and jewellery worth Rs 0.4 million.
According to assets returns of Shabina Riaz, wife of former FIA additional DG Ahmed Riaz Sheik, she owns assets worth Rs 68 million.


  1. PPP parliamentarians are not here to declare their assets, they are here to loot and build assets because all of them have taken oath to loot Pakistan in the name of ZAB and BB.

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